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3 Easy Ways to Annoy a Social Media Expert Guru

 Let’s be honest, there are multiple ways to annoy a SMEG – link your Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare accounts to Twitter; use too many hashtags on Instagram; confuse your and you’re. They’re all good. Have you noticed how touchy the humble...

Posted July 11, 2012    

Measuring Social Media Success: Tactical and Strategic

This week I attended The Internet Show in Melbourne and presented at Social Media World on Measuring Social Media Success.My presentation went through a few subjects close to my heart; firstly that thanks to the wealth of information provided by...

Posted May 4, 2012    

Social Media and Sampling

It’s a tried and tested marketing tactic to put your product in the hands of your audience. Whether it’s a Calippo sorbet handed out in beach car parks, sausage pieces dangling on the end of a toothpick at the butchers, Pantene passed on to...

Posted August 30, 2011    

The Power and Appeal of Community

(Graph: Google Trends tracks the rise of the community manager.) Everyone’s talking community. No, not the hilarious comedy set in a community college; the concept of community as a facilitator of opinions, a mobiliser of action, a...

Posted February 16, 2011    

Facebook Pages – New Layout and Functionality

Facebook has rolled out new look Pages and additional functionality for admins. Immediately I can see how this will allow brands to deliver more relevant content to their target audience. The cross promotion of pages and news feed items will give...

Posted February 10, 2011    

5 ways to help your CEO embrace social media

A little sympathy for the marketing teams of Australia please — the journey to shed the “colouring-in department” tag seems neverending. After years of fighting the misconceptions that marketing is all parties, piss and pretty...

Posted August 16, 2009