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Why Google Plus Should Become Part of Your Social Media Package

Facebook might have more users. Twitter might make more headlines. But in 2014,Google Plus is likely to be the most important social media tool in your communications arena.For the unfamiliar or uninitiated, here’s a     Google Plus primer...

Posted March 21, 2014    

Google May Soon Launch a New Search Results Design

Google is known to keep its tests secret, but SEO marketers and bloggers always seem to get a heads up when something is cooking. While majority of the tests or changes from the search giant have been related to SEO, there are hundreds of other...

Posted March 14, 2014    

7 Essential Tools for Web Development

Any work involved in the customization, editing or modifying of a website falls under web development. For a web developer, a graphic designer or system technician to achieve success, there are a variety of tools to choose from. However, some are...

Posted December 9, 2013