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Best Advice: Put Your Ideas On Paper

While I sit and wait at the airport to return to Perth from Adfest I had a read through the LinkedIn series called ‘Best Advice‘, as they asked over 90 leaders across a variety of industries to share the best advice they’ve ever...

Posted March 9, 2014    

The Right Way to 'Spam' on Twitter

First off, I would like to note that I am not a fan of spamming on Twitter, however as a business or as an individual if you want to specifically tweet lots of users about a product or important bit of information then here is how you do it right....

Posted December 4, 2013    

Should Facebook Offer an Ad-Free Premium Service?

Would you ever pay for Facebook? What if it meant no ads ever?Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone has recently just started using Facebook as he mentions on his latest Medium post, and after having used Facebook for a while he has had a thought…“...

Posted July 23, 2013    

2 Big Reasons Why You Should Be Favouriting Tweets

In case you haven't noticed, favouriting Tweets is now becoming a thing on Twitter. But what relevance does it have? And should you be clicking the star on Tweets?The simple answer is yes.What is a favourite tweet? Twitter.com defines it as a...

Posted May 7, 2013    

What Social Media Can Learn From Don Draper

First let me show you one of my favourite Mad Men scenes: click here.Do you want to buy a Kodak's Carousel?Who'd have thought that Mad Men's old/traditional marketing and advertising techniques would hold true in social media?...

Posted April 11, 2013    

Twitter Cards Create Your Own Rich Media Tweets

Twitter have just announced several new Twitter Card features which in my opinion are quite significant changes giving you the power to create media rich tweets to help promote your own content.What is a Twitter Card? Twitter cards make it possible...

Posted April 4, 2013    

Twitter Best Practices: Making Sense of the Noise

Time and time again the first questions asked by people new to Twitter are "How do I use it?" and "Why do I need to be on Twitter?" However, these questions aren't just asked by new Twitter users, but also by people who have been on Twitter for...

Posted March 25, 2013