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Leading your Business into 2014 with a Bullhorn or a Comfy Couch

Since 2010, I believe I have heard it all when talking about online marketing.Some businesses try to lead the market by being the loudest in the room while others drive home casual indulgence. You may already know I am always leaning on the latter…...

Posted January 26, 2014    

Facebook Offers: 5 Things To Consider Before Creating An Offer

It has arrived.The newest edition of the Facebook Deals has become available on our Pages this morning and I wanted to share my two cents.  Facebook Offers is a very simple solution to entice users to engage your store and drive foot traffic...

Posted May 7, 2012    

Case Study: Cisco Systems, inc. Open Social Media Policy

Post Created by @Amber_CronkhiteSocial media is the catalyst to cultivating communities. Through these channels, companies are tapping into their customers thoughts and building relationships with potential customers. A crucial part of social media...

Posted March 22, 2011    

Social Media in Columbus, Ga: Case Study of Community Growth

February 1st, 2011 was a unique day.  But not just because an incident occurred that pumped the city full of anticipation. This day was unique because our city acted as a community sharing details of an urgent story using social media....

Posted February 2, 2011    

Groupon – A New Truth of Advertising

Yes, Groupon has been valuated at 6 billion dollars thanks to Google.  But what exactly were they buying?  What does Groupon do so well that Google can not replicate it or go vertical with it?  That’s the real question.  It may...

Posted January 18, 2011