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Do You Have the Clout & Cred You Need?

Influence on others is something to strive for, whether you’re looking to make changes in the world or marketing a business. No one has yet found a reliable way to measure influence, but there are two important qualities you can work on to build...

Posted February 6, 2013    

Let's Hear It for Community Managers

If you're an online community manager - in fact, if not in title - you understand the joys, the challenges, the bummers and the triumphs that can come with a role that requires the skills and personal assets of a psychologist, group psychiatrist,...

Posted January 28, 2013    

The Google Who Cried "Malware"

We're a bit damn ticked off here at SocialMediaToday because we were mistakenly accused by Google of distributing malware. We distribute tons of good content and information, sure, but not malware. In fact, it was simply our used of a popular...

Posted January 15, 2013    

Social Media Today's TEN Most Popular Posts of 2012

In this post we recognize the authors of the articles that attracted the most unique page views during the past year. These articles were published in 2012.Most of you know enough about web metrics and social media metrics in particular to...

Posted December 31, 2012    

Be Nice. Get Coal.

This is a story about finding the nicest people on Twitter and promoting charcoal sales through the Winter. And yes, the hashtag is #benicegetgoal.It's also about a creative team facing a challenge that reoccurs annually around this time for...

Posted December 21, 2012    

SMT Webinar on The Social Customer Engagement Index 2012 - Oct 30

Register Here for the live Results Analysis webinar on October 30th at 12pm ET to receive your complimentary copy of the Index.Join the webinar to hear from Brent Leary, Becky Carroll and representatives from JetBlue, L.L. Bean, and Dell as they all...

Posted October 18, 2012    

Tune Up Your Marketing: Using Spotify for Your Business

Guest post by Amanda Gagnon, who writes about email marketing for AWeber, a leading email service provider for small-to-medium businesses.If you’re marketing your business online, you’re probably already building a community on Facebook and...

Posted October 16, 2012    

ViDEO: 1.5 Minutes on Apple, Samsung and Their Patent Hassles

From onlinemba.com here's a little video that I found interesting. It's bite-sized and informative. 

Posted October 6, 2012    

The WELL's 27-Year-Long Conversation Continues

Last week, a group of people in love with their online community bought the business interests of that community from their owner by pooling their money and that of investors committed to saving a piece of Internet history. The WELL liberated itself...

Posted September 24, 2012    

Going Social Inside-Out at Bluewolf

Communicating person-to-person via the Internet has similarities to learning a new language and getting used to a strange culture. It doesn't come naturally to everyone, especially in the context of business relationships. There's a certain amount...

Posted September 24, 2012    

Dreamforce? How about Socialforce?

The social revolution is happening, proclaimed Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.For online social evangelists going back to before the Web, this offers some satisfaction because Salesforce is perhaps the leading influencer in business today. Putting its...

Posted September 19, 2012    

Adobe Social and Measuring the Impact of Social Media

If you're like me, you've known Adobe for its leadership in digital publishing tools, from Photoshop to Acrobat, but now it will be known also for its involvement in the social side of electronic communications.Today Adobe announced that its new...

Posted September 6, 2012    

"Superstacks," Social Media and Analytics: Keys to Building Consumer Electronics Customer Loyalty

Guest post by Mitch Cline, global managing director of Accenture’s Electronics & High-Tech groupConsumer electronics manufacturers are grappling with a vexing issue: How to make consumers more loyal to their products and companies. New...

Posted August 27, 2012    

ViDEO: The Measure of Content Marketing.

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Jim sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers to discuss how to measure the results of content marketing. In this show you will learn: 1) What's the king and queen of marketing...

Posted August 3, 2012    

The WELL: Legendary Online Community Losing Its Home

The email was terse and to the point. The new CEO of Salon.com told us, "... we have determined that The WELL no longer aligns with our business plans and accordingly we are exploring transferring The WELL to new management."Since 1999 the WELL...

Posted July 2, 2012    

ViDEO: Privacy is Dead - Panel Discussion at Social-Loco 2012

Privacy has been an issue since people first went online and the question has never been answered to everyone's satisfaction. Today, the collection of and access to personal data has become much more sophisticated and ubiquitous than in the past and...

Posted June 22, 2012    

ViDEO Discussion: Who is Getting ROI with Online Video?

In 2011, content marketing spending on video and online events rose 44.4% over 2010, according to a report from ContentWise and the Custom Content Council. Fifty-four percent of North American companies plan to spend more on video content this...

Posted June 19, 2012    

How Facebook Can Save Lives – and Compromise Your Health Security

The following article was written by Brian S. McGowan, PhD, a research scientist who has worked as a medical educator, mentor, accredited provider and commercial supporter. McGowan is author of the forthcoming fall 2012 release of #...

Posted May 24, 2012    

How Transparency and Trust Will Transform Your Business - Pivot Webinar May 24

Our partners at the Pivot Conference (http://www.pivotcon.com) are hosting their first webinar this week on May 24th at 10:00 am PST time with Altimeter Group CEO Charlene Li. Charlene will lead an hour-long discussion of: How...

Posted May 21, 2012    

Little Games: Big Business [infographic]

Jen Rhee of BusinessDegree.net brings us this infographic about the fast growth of mobile games.  Created by: BusinessDegree.net

Posted April 17, 2012