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6 Takeaways from Richard Sherman's Rant for Enterprising Brands to Emulate

For football fans, last Sunday’s NFC Championship Game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks had all the makings of an instant classic on the field.Off the field, however, Seattle’s Richard Sherman provided enough post-game...

Posted January 25, 2014    

Social Media McCarthyism: Twitter's Witch Hunt

With Halloween (and an impending IPO) fast upon us, perhaps it’s fitting that Twitter is quietly engaging in a modern-day witch hunt, whereby user accounts are being indiscriminately purged, sometimes within days of creation, and seemingly in...

Posted October 31, 2013    

Is There a Glass Keyboard? Facebook, Twitter Boards Hostile to Women

Photo: courtesy Kong Fanwen, Yanko Design The dirty little secret at the top of the world’s two most popular social networking companies that have made (Facebook) or are about to make (Twitter) the shift from privately-owned to publicly-traded...

Posted October 11, 2013