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Twitter Username Shuffle

Have you taken a good look at the accounts you follow on Twitter? Initially, when you set-up your Twitter account, you likely took Twitter’s helpful advice and followed 15 celebrity or popular accounts. Once you were through this phase, you took it...

Posted February 13, 2014    

LinkedIn Adds Work Samples to Profiles

Over the past few months several social media outlets have implemented significant changes to the functionality of their respective platform. Facebook introduced Graph Search and a new Newsfeed; Twitter made it easier for users to update basic...

Posted June 21, 2013    

Managing Your Personal Brand with Facebook Lists

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you receive a Facebook friend request from a client? Before clicking “Accept,” the contents of your entire Facebook profile probably flashed before your eyes.A compromising photo album from your...

Posted May 12, 2013    

Putting Your Best Tweet Forward

Business owners, sales representatives, corporations, and marketers alike have taken the necessary steps to properly brand their Twitter account. Twitter users will recognize these accounts because they are eloquently designed and feature properly...

Posted May 3, 2013    

Is Your Facebook Personal Timeline Optimized for Networking?

Entrepreneurs and business owners dedicate a significant amount of time nurturing existing connections and networking with potential new clients. Understanding the importance of first impressions, entrepreneurs spend time and money on a creating a...

Posted March 30, 2013