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3 Types of Data You Can Use to Increase Profits

Tommy Marzella discusses three types of data that can be analyzed to discover strategic insights and increase profit.I think of data scientists as artists; each silo of data is a different jar of paint adding to the beauty of the final piece....

Posted April 9, 2014    

3 Ways to Create a Better Shopping Experience with Data

Learning the needs of your customer, monitoring their behavior and rewarding them for loyalty allows retailers to create a better shopping experience by effectively leveraging consumer data.In a recent case study (MassMutual’s Customer-Led Marketing...

Posted March 27, 2014    

Data Silo Mishaps Lead to Consumer Confusion

Without a DMP system in place to link up known customer behaviors, brands run the risk of causing confusion among their customers if their messaging is inconsistent.Do you really know your customer? Another favorite brand of mine is confused, and...

Posted February 18, 2014    

Using Your Profile Data for Facebook Custom Audiences

With the weakening of the third-party ecosystem, targeting consumers online the way so many do today is about to change. Instead of campaigns that rely on a less-than-ideal third-party approach, online behemoths such as Google and Facebook are...

Posted October 3, 2013    

The Data Collection Fear: Is it Realistic?

Ever since it was revealed last week that the NSA has been tracking millions of Americans’ cell phone records and Internet data, people have been up in arms – more so than usual.The generation that posts nearly every move they make to social...

Posted June 14, 2013    

CES Roundup 2013: Trend Watch

This week the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas came to an end. It is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year, but lately I am having a hard time keeping my excitement up. Last year I noted in my round up the lack of...

Posted January 11, 2013    

Privacy Update: The Latest News

The last few weeks have seen several developments on the privacy front: everything from Google’s new privacy policy to the White House offering privacy guidelines. Let’s start with Google and its new privacy policy. Google has officially rolled out...

Posted March 6, 2012    

Tips for Location-Based Marketing: Part 1

Marketers today are being impacted by location in ways that many would have never expected. When planning and executing mobile marketing strategies, location plays an inextricably important role. Given the fascination and hype surrounding location-...

Posted July 6, 2011    

Tips for Location-Based Marketing, Part 2

Once you are confident you are able to deliver your marketing effort as intended you can look to location to deliver a high degree of relevancy. With all the amazing technological advances today, a human being can still only be in one place at one...

Posted July 6, 2011    

Tips for Location-Based Marketing, Part 3

An in-the-moment approach to thinking about location and mobile marketing can be game changing on its own. Expanding that perspective to consider consumer’s lives being a series of moments that in many cases are repeated on a regular basis can be...

Posted July 6, 2011    

Compact Privacy Policy: A Breakdown

Almost every web site you visit has a link to their privacy policy hidden in tiny type in the footer of their pages. But who reads them? Fortunately, your browser is ready and willing to jump in and make sure the privacy policies you’re encountering...

Posted March 9, 2011    

A Lesson in Email Marketing

Brides are like many other specific consumer segments. And as a bride-to-be myself, I’ve learned a lot about wedding planning. What I wasn’t expecting to learn, however, was an array of bad email marketing tactics still in use today. Let me set the...

Posted February 9, 2011