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Organic Facebook Reach Throttle: The Good News for Brands

Hang on there, marketing folks: the Facebook Reach ride isn’t free anymore.If you know what organic Facebook Reach is, you’ve probably already heard that Facebook is throttling the results for brands.  This doesn’t mean that they’re turning it...

Posted March 22, 2014    

Barack Obama Between Two Ferns: Digital Marketing Win

Head to head with Zach Galifianakis and between two ferns, Obama shows the rest of us a little something about a forward-thinking digital marketing strategy. Barack Obama’s digital marketing team took the country by storm in 2008 with an...

Posted March 19, 2014    

Top 6 Ah-Ha Moments at #SXSW2014

The storyboard for Edward Snowden & the ACLU’s address at SXSW 2014SXSW 2014 has ended, with 25,000-ish attendees heading home after almost a week of learning, BBQ, tacos, and probably a few too many late nights.We have some pretty great metrics...

Posted March 13, 2014    

5 B2C vs. B2B Community Marketing Differentiators

In today’s dialogue-driven business environment, it’s critical to learn how to build a strong social community – and that goes for B2B as well as B2C.  If you have experience in B2C community-building, here’s the good news: B2B isn’t all that...

Posted February 14, 2014    

Superb Owl XLVIII: Stephen Colbert Wins the Social Marketing Strategy Game

Stephen Colbert has some pretty epic Superbowl coverage this year, and it’s not just guests like Drew Brees and Nate Silver (whose Big Data talk at SXSW last year inspired a series of social listening posts by yours truly) upping the ante.  ...

Posted February 3, 2014    

Move Over, Black Friday: Cyber Monday Wins the Week

If you braved the crowds on Black Friday, you were far from alone: an estimated 100 million people were expected to go shopping over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend.  Despite the reports that people spent less this year, analysts are saying that...

Posted December 5, 2013