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How Content Curation Keeps You Visible and Valuable to Your Network

There is a lot of information out there, and the people in your network are probably feeling overwhelmed by it all. This can be an unfortunate source of stress for them, but it’s also an important opportunity for you.What is content curation?Content...

Posted March 31, 2014    

Six Business Blog Topics That Will Attract Local Customers

© pinkpueblo – Fotolia.comSearch engine optimization is one of many benefits of blogging. Blogging improves your search engine rankings (how high up on the page you appear in search engine results) for the topics you write about, because it...

Posted February 16, 2014    

Is Your Business Blog Serving Up the Right Information?

On November 7, 2013, a couple of hundred marketing professionals gathered at the Bloor Reference Library in downtown Toronto for the meshmarketing conference. A highlight of the day for me was definitely the closing keynote presentation by Jay Baer...

Posted November 18, 2013    

How Learning a Little Code Can Help Your Business Blog

Have you ever published something to your blog or somewhere else online, and then been disappointed with how your text and images are displayed on the page?Have you ever wondered how to make the magic of linking to another place on the same page, or...

Posted November 4, 2013    

How Twitter and LinkedIn Can Extend the Life and Audience of Your Blog Posts

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear about blogging is:How do people see that I’ve published a new post?The unfortunate answer is they probably won’t, unless you let them know your blog post is there. I highlighted five ways to do this...

Posted October 25, 2013    

What Twitter Can Do For Your Business Blog – Before You Even Tweet

When you take the time to listen to what's important to your prospective customers, they're more likely to spend time with you. This article shows how to use Twitter's listening tools to improve your business blogging and make better connections....

Posted September 3, 2013    

How to Be More Valuable to Your LinkedIn Network

While people are generating leads on all of the social media sites, LinkedIn is the #1 choice for business networking and business-to-business marketing. According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, 70% of...

Posted August 12, 2013    

Why Blog Comments Shouldn't Keep You From Blogging

Many people starting a company blog are concerned about comments. Three things usually come up, and are easy to address. What a relief!1. Spam: You will be inundated by spam commentsIn an effort to get traffic back to their own sites, unscrupulous...

Posted July 29, 2013