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3 Dedicated Social Networks That Prove Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn Don’t Own Social And Won’t

Ah, the big three. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are often spoken in the same breath as “social media.” And, some may argue, rightly so – between them, they boast over 1.6 billion users and account for the vast majority of marketing and advertising...

Posted February 19, 2014    

3 Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2013 and Lessons Every Marketer Can Learn from Them

Influencer marketing – the process of harnessing the power of influential people to spread brand awareness and build trust among consumers – is still a new greenfield for many marketers. Despite numbers showing that influencer marketing is 16x more...

Posted November 5, 2013    

How Leading Edge Firms Measure Influencer Marketing (And How You Can, Too)

Social media marketing metrics are notoriously hard to pin down, especially for influencer marketing – working with influential people within a niche or sub-topic that is relevant to your brand.There are a variety of ways to measure the success of...

Posted September 12, 2013    

Who Does Influencer Marketing Best?

Influencer marketing is making ripples among brand managers and social media marketers. Reaching customers during their key decision-making processes is one of the most coveted positions in marketing, and influencer marketing is shaping up to be one...

Posted July 24, 2013    

Comparing the Best Twitter Chat Tools on the Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the sale of TweetChat – formerly the most popular, and the first, Twitter chat tool – to Internet Media Labs, the Twitter chat market is a bit of a Wild West these days. People are still engaging in these hour-or-so long live chats on Twitter,...

Posted June 21, 2013    

These are the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

Community engagement SaaS provider Nestivity today announced the 25 most engaged brands on Twitter. The engagement analysis of the 100 most followed brands on Twitter, conducted Dr. Natalie Petouhoff in partnership with Evolve! Capital, indicates...

Posted April 25, 2013