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Mobile Apps are Changing the Face of Business

According to Simon Khalaf, the CEO of Flurry, a mobile application analytics company, Internet technology has triggered the most rapid and remarkable disruption of conventional business practice since the Industrial Revolution. Fueled by social...

Posted December 16, 2013    

Apple Insiders Predict New iPhone Release in Early September

Apple is prepped for a big announcement at their September 10th event. Industry insiders expect the company to unveil new impressive product launches during the show.According to an article by Businessweek, “The phones’ on-sale dates tend to...

Posted August 13, 2013    

Apple iPad Makes Huge Strides Disrupting Public Education

In the race for smartphone supremacy, Apple may be bested in global sales by Android devices but tablets are where Apple crushes all comers. The Los Angeles Unified School District recently announced plans to revamp their antiquated teaching...

Posted June 20, 2013