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How to See Which Facebook Pages Have Liked Your Business Page

Do you want to find out which other businesses have liked your Facebook Page? Discovering this is a good way to check out if the competition is keeping tabs on you, and often provides a good list of related company's that you might want to reach out...

Posted March 30, 2014    

How to Use Snapchat "Reveals" to Captivate Fans

 One of the great benefits of Snapchat's "blink and you'll miss it" marketing is the dedicated time viewers must give to the content you send out. While this limit is 10 seconds per ordinary snap, by combining multiple snaps in a Snapchat story...

Posted February 20, 2014    

How to Manage and Track Customers on Snapchat

At the time of writing, Snapchat does not yet have an official way for businesses and brands to manage and track their customers on the app. Until that happens, early adopters of the service will need to think a little differently if they are going...

Posted January 9, 2014    

A Subtle Way to Make Your Facebook Images Pop on the News Feed

  Every good marketer knows that the way Facebook users scan their News Feeds doesn't leave a lot of time to catch the eye - and further interest - of a potential customer. Posting compelling images is an essential part of the strategy, but...

Posted December 12, 2013    

How to Use Illustrated Tweets for Business

  In October 2013, Twitter released a version of its app designed specifically for Android tablets, and with that update came a brand new feature - Illustrated Tweets..@SamsungMobileUS Tapping into our creative side with a brand new way to...

Posted November 26, 2013    

3 Reasons Why Training Facebook Fans to 'Get Notifications' and 'All Updates' is Damaging

  Late last night, I spotted a message from one of the industry's biggest social media marketers, Mari Smith, in my email inbox. In it, was a link to lengthy post that she had written on Facebook about how the site's EdgeRank algorithm measures...

Posted October 6, 2013