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Google’s "Shared Endorsements" Is a Boon for Brands in Their Online Reputation Efforts

Late last year, Google changed the face of online advertising – quite literally, in fact. The company’s mission to stake its claim as the Internet’s premier source for consumer ratings and reviews has the potential to influence the way we – both...

Posted January 23, 2014    

Long-Form Content Finds a New Home on Google

Certain Internet users may be specifically looking for long-form content when performing a Google search, but not as many as you might think. In fact, many Internet users do a quick scan of their environment when making a purchasing decision. The...

Posted January 23, 2014    

Social Media as the No. 1 Catalyst for Consumer Behavior

Online marketing websites and blogs are filled with advice about the importance of your website and social-media accounts to overall business. Basic content will get the job done, but exceptional content will keep customers coming back. If you post...

Posted November 22, 2013    

Goodbye, Keyword Stuffing: How Content Marketing Requires a More Strategic Approach

In the early years of SEO, businesses could fill their content with a series of keywords to appease search engines. This tactic manipulated the search engines into boosting their content towards the top of search engine results, which in turn...

Posted November 5, 2013    

Optimize Google+ as a Central Part of Your Online Identity

Often forgotten for its social-media influence, Google+ might just be the most crucial social network for businesses and professionals who want to solidify their positive online reputation. Both a Google+ page and Google Authorship should be a...

Posted October 23, 2013    

Online Reputation: Is Blogging Still Relevant?

Most of us remember the early days of blogging. For a few years, it seemed like we could post our every waking thought and someone, somewhere would be interested. As social media provided an outlet for individuals to overshare, blogging seemed to...

Posted September 26, 2013    

High-Quality Content Is Necessary for Online Reputation Management

Content is the most critical component of online reputation management given the extensive list of Google’s algorithm changes. Google’s algorithm evaluates the credibility, relevancy and importance of online content. Google continually updates and...

Posted September 18, 2013