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15 Sweepstakes Sites To Boost Your Online Contest Entries

Online contests and sweepstakes are a simple and effective way for your small business to increase brand visibility while introducing new users to your products and services. Facebook is undoubtedly the most common social media platform to run...

Posted January 15, 2014    

3 Small Business Pinterest Marketing Tips

 First, if your company hasn’t made the plunge into the amazing world of Pinterest, I highly recommend you read our free Pinterest Marketing Guide for Small Businesses to get started successfully!If your company is already on Pinterest,...

Posted December 26, 2013    

5 Amazing Twitter Chats Worth Tweeting About

 Twitter is a great source for locating influential people and conversations relating to numerous industries and ideas (with an average of 5,000 to 10,000 new people joining Twitter each day, you can be certain someone is tweeting about...

Posted November 22, 2013    

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Maybe you haven’t started your holiday shopping, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started on your company’s holiday marketing! In 2012, holiday sales in the United States increased 3.5% to $579.5 billion, a number which will undoubtedly...

Posted November 6, 2013    

25 Amazing Pinterest Facts for Your Small Business

 Undoubtedly the social star of 2013, Pinterest has quickly risen from a invite only, niche-centric platform to an industry leader your small business can’t afford to ignore. If you’ve had your reservations about investing in yet another social...

Posted November 1, 2013    

5 Ways to Conquer Instagram For Your Small Business

 Over 130 million people enjoy the popular free app Instagram, and chances are some of them are your current and future clients. Instagram is an easy-to-navigate visual social platform, where users capture, customize and share photos and videos...

Posted September 11, 2013    

3 Lessons We Learned From Our Last 100 Blog Posts

 Recently we ran a report on our last 100 Blog Posts, and the findings gave me a lot of insight into which particular trends, topics and keyboards receive the most engagement from our readers. As someone who spends a considerable amount of time...

Posted August 27, 2013    

Why Marketing That Includes Cats and Bacon Is the Cat’s Meow [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve spend any time on social networks in the last five years, chances are you’ve seen first hand the immense popularity of anything and everything that includes cats and bacon. We could spend quite some time breaking down the science...

Posted August 12, 2013