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4 Scientific Reasons Why Marketers Fail to Change People's Minds

Lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead grading. The bountiful terms we have to describe different actions we can take with leads show how incredibly pervasive the lead is to sales and marketing. Salespeople are trained to pursue them,...

Posted March 27, 2014    

Proactive Marketing Ideas: Interest Customization Is Key

We all know the old marketing gimmick of getting the person's first and last name and using it in the subject line of an email. The idea was that when a person saw an email from a strange address, perhaps an unknown brand's, the person would be more...

Posted March 18, 2014    

Social Media Directors and More: What's in a Name?

If you spend much time around social media marketers, you’ll notice that this group of people has a particularly diverse pool of names:Social media director? Guru? Rockstar? Ninja? Missionary? Tactician? Blogger-in-chief? Idea inventor?Source:...

Posted October 15, 2013    

How Can Gamification Help Your Growth Strategy in Marketing?

So what’s gamification? It’s exactly what it sounds like – as simple as making something into a game. Its applications run the gamut from educational games (such as Jump Start, which makes computer games) to a promotional campaign for a product to...

Posted August 26, 2013    

How to Lose Followers and Alienate People on Social Media

Is your social media strategy driving people away instead of inviting them to explore your brand? Have you disregarded this advice on how to win friends and influence people on social media? Perhaps there’s something you’ve overlooked in your...

Posted August 12, 2013    

How to Use Social Media for Your Political Campaign

It’s time again to begin thinking about and planning for the 2014 round of elections. This means TV ads, debates, public appearances, pictures of politicians holding children – all part of a typical political campaign. The savvy, modern politician...

Posted August 7, 2013    

Social Media Strategies: The Importance of Popular Internet Culture

What is popular Internet culture, and how can it help your social media strategies?Popular internet culture differentiates itself from popular culture in that its audience, well, uses the Internet more. Much more. This has more important...

Posted July 29, 2013    

Want to Lose Followers? Try Posting Inspirational Quotes

“Quotes are inspiration for the uninspired,” a wise man once said.Irony aside, much evidence points to a grim forecast for the future of the inspirational quote as a social marketing tactic. You see these quotes on Twitter, on Facebook, and even on...

Posted July 23, 2013