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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Non-US Social Media Platforms

Most large companies today operate globally with operations and employees in multiple continents. To be effective globally they need to present on regional social media networks as many countries still have a higher user penetration on these...

Posted January 21, 2014    

Using Big Data and Small Data to Optimize Social Media Marketing

The need for businesses and individuals to measure their activity on social media is constantly growing as the industry is becoming more mature. This measurement can be split into two types of data: the much buzzed-about big data as well as the...

Posted October 8, 2013    

3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn from Top Management

I have read many articles on what management can learn from social media, but how about what social media managers can learn from top management? Many of the basic management principles apply to social media because they are very similar - they are...

Posted September 10, 2013    

The Future of Social Learning

For the past decade there has been a constant shift from traditional sources of information such as printed newspapers, journals and textbooks to more personal and interactive inbound knowledge consumption. What I mean by inbound knowledge...

Posted July 30, 2013    

Social Literacy as a Competitive Advantage

Social literacy refers to knowing how to use social tools and platforms to find and gather information, share thoughts, and generate discussion. For businesses this has already generated massive opportunities to better connect with customers and...

Posted July 22, 2013    

Evolution of the Social Brand [SLIDESHARE]

In recent years, the concept of the social brand has evolved rapidly. Only ten years ago this would have been limited to traditional word of mouth between customers and stakeholders, but due to social media, it has become a visible and important...

Posted July 17, 2013