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How the New TV Spot for Intuit’s TurboTax Hits the Storytelling Nail on the Head

That’s right. Intuit’s latest ad for TurboTax – that unsexy, boring accounting software – broke the mold. Finally. It’s a great piece of storytelling. Here’s why.It’s never about your products and services.It’s always about people and what your...

Posted January 9, 2014    

Create a Better Customer Experience with One Change: Make a Content You-Turn

Across different content types – from presentations, to articles, to social posts – there is one thing companies can easily do better. And that is to make a YOU-turn. The challenge: too much content uses what I’ve always jokingly referred to as a ‘...

Posted January 6, 2014    

Content Marketing Lessons From Cartoons: My Chat with Cartoonist Liza Donnelly

On Sept 19, I had the pleasure of chatting with The New Yorker cartoonist, author and TED speaker, Liza Donnelly about her craft on my podcast. My belief has always been that cartoons are content worth sharing and that marketers can learn a hell of...

Posted September 23, 2013    

The Social Enterprise: Lessons on Content, Internal Advocacy and the Human Element from IBM's Susan Emerick

Content, Profits and Internal (Employee) AdvocacyToday I had the pleasure of talking with Susan Emerick from IBM. We chatted about content, employee advocates and to how balance marketing as both art and science. IBM has more internal employee...

Posted August 2, 2013    

Every Organization Needs a Chief Marketing Improvisation Officer

As a stage improviser, I love playing with the audience and creating stories in real-time. As a marketer that often applies improvisational tools to improve client outcomes, being prepared and still knowing when to ditch the playbook is a very...

Posted May 11, 2013    

Humor Me! Lighten Up Your B2B Marketing and Get Results

If you read my blog or any article I’ve written, you know this is mission of mercy for me. As a marketer, storyteller and comic improviser, I have seen humor deliver results online, offline, and across social media. Humor IS human and in a world of...

Posted December 11, 2012    

As in successful dating, customer relationships require shared values.

So your customers “like” you. And, at some point, you want them to become “engaged,” and then eventually commit to a serious relationship, proclaiming their “loyalty,” rather than seeing other companies. The goal of marketing in the early stages of...

Posted July 24, 2012    

Content Marketing Reminders From TED: Simple, Short, and Story…and, Wait for it…Surprise!

 If you haven’t seen a few TED talks (live or via TED.com), you are missing out. If you have, well, you know how great the talks are.TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) and TEDx – independently organized conferences focusing on local...

Posted June 26, 2012    

Shore Up Your Business Video Storytelling with Ten Practices

Over the past few years, in addition to doing a lot of storytelling for video, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing digital marketers from Cisco, Ford, IBM, Goodwill Industries International and NetApp among other companies that are innovating...

Posted June 19, 2012    

Video Storytelling: Hey B2B, Lighten Up! An Interview with Tim Washer, Part II of II

KKG: Your success at IBM led to more of those videos and it became a serial effort. TW: Yes, 6 ‘Art of the Sale’ videos. We would improvise, and with my writing partner, Scott, we ended up doing a few longer ones. The best bet is to do things...

Posted March 17, 2012    

A More Social, “Human” Model for Brainstorming Means Better Business Outcomes

Improvisation is the ultimate, adaptable “social” model of co-creation.  Based on right-brain techniques improvisation for idea generation is becoming more common within the enterprise.  It’s an idea whose time has come as co-created ideas...

Posted January 3, 2011    

Where There’s Jargon, There’s Parody...And a Few Serious Marketing Reminders

New media like any set of new technologies has plenty of jargon, let’s face it. And sadly, it’s precisely this kind of buzzword bingo that does marketers and their customers a huge disservice. New media buzzwords sound like the empty, substance-...

Posted August 10, 2010