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Feeding the Addiction: Content Marketing Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

It’s just a game… or is it? Mentioning Candy Crush Saga to any of my friends elicits a couple of different responses, but one of the main ones is, “I hate that game!” Hate as they may, Candy Crush players continually come back for more – especially...

Posted March 18, 2014    

Taking the Annoying Out of Autoplay: How to Make Intrusive Marketing Work

If most people agree with me (and I think they do), there are few greater turnoffs to a casual web browsing experience than running into a page that has a video (or sound) on autoplay. You know, like when you open a webpage and suddenly there’s a...

Posted February 13, 2014    

Apple’s Hushed Release of iPad Mini With Retina

The iPad Mini with Retina display was released last week. Oh – you didn’t know? As it turns out, there’s a reason. There are a number of ways that Apple’s release of the iPad Mini Retina has been quieter than the usual exciting announcement. Unlike...

Posted November 28, 2013    

BuzzFeed to Deliver Outsourced Multilingual Content

Online content giant BuzzFeed, best known for its viral list posts, is currently in the process of expanding its outreach. In a multilingual world, BuzzFeed knows how important it is to allow access to its content all over the globe. The company...

Posted November 25, 2013    

How Whole Foods Has Commandeered Tumblr

I have written a few times about brands that are really good at sharing their content on social media – including Sesame Street and Denny’s Restaurant. Let’s take a closer look at another brand that makes stellar use of Tumblr for content delivery:...

Posted November 17, 2013    

What Makes Poetry Bad Makes Content Writing Good

I love poetry. When I’m not writing web content here at CEM, I’m hard at work in a Master of Fine Arts program, writing poetry and also writing critically about contemporary poets. It’s great – I get to devote my life completely to writing. However...

Posted October 24, 2013    

Get a Leg Up on Back to School Sales With These 5 Tips

It’s back to school season! Not for your kids (yet), but definitely for marketers. While back to school season is technically not a consumer holiday, did you know that this sale season is second only to winter shopping season? U.S. consumers will...

Posted August 27, 2013    

3 Lessons from Netflix's Wild Success with "Orange Is the New Black"

It’s been a month since Orange Is the New Black debuted, and the show has seen enormous success, immediately attracting more media attention than both of Netflix’s previous two releases this year (House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested...

Posted August 16, 2013    

Debunking Translation Myths in Marketing

The national and global markets are always growing. They are now becoming more diverse than ever before, and that means staying attuned to language trends. Many companies that are working to appeal to a larger audience are having their content...

Posted August 14, 2013