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Write Marketing Content that Speaks to Your Ideal Customer's Pains

With more and more businesses establishing and building their presence online, the internet is getting flooded with content. Websites that used to dominate the SERPs now have some healthy competition, and brands are being forced to think of ways to...

Posted March 12, 2014    

3 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Use Video to Increase Leads

Though 2013 saw a huge upswing in the total number of businesses using inbound marketing strategies, there are still several industries that have been slow to hop on the inbound bandwagon. One of these industries is the financial services sector....

Posted January 8, 2014    

7 Features Your Brand's Facebook Page Isn't Using, But Should Be

In the world of social media marketing, Facebook has been a staple in many business’ strategies for several years. And while many page managers can navigate and use their Page’s features with ease, every now and then some hidden gems fly under the...

Posted December 10, 2013    

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Is Scaring Away Twitter Followers

With over 230 million active monthly users, Twitter is widely considered to be the 2nd most popular social networking site, behind Facebook. For businesses, this helps make Twitter a crucial resource for engaging with customers and promoting...

Posted November 1, 2013    

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly Truths About Online Reviews

This past week, New York’s Attorney General announced that it would be fining 19 businesses over $350,000 each for posting fake positive reviews to the popular online review site, Yelp. The businesses, which ranged anywhere from strip clubs to a...

Posted October 8, 2013    

Facebook Announces New Rule Changes for Contests and Promotions

Less than a week after I blogged about Facebook’s (now irrelevant) rules for promotions, Facebook decided that it was time to switch things up – and drastically. In an effort to help make it easier for small businesses to run promotions on Facebook...

Posted August 30, 2013    

Social Media Reminders: Rules and Advice for Running Facebook Promotions

One of the most common goals of social media managers these days is to increase the number of Likes on their Facebook page. And with Facebook fans being 39% more likely to purchase a product/service than non-fans, who can blame them? Not to mention...

Posted August 22, 2013