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Five Top Tips for Social Media Branding

Whether your company is just starting out online, or whether you’ve been doing this for years, there’s always more to learn when it comes to social media branding.And it’s important not to take your eye off the ball. The online world changes so fast...

Posted December 5, 2013    

4 Things Publishers Should Know About the "Link Economy"

There’s an active “link economy” online, but most people are only peripherally aware of it because it’s still a relatively new concept.Links are a fundamental piece of any publication’s business. They provide financial support for publishers to...

Posted November 2, 2013    

When It's Time To Hire A Digital Strategist, Beware Social Charlatans

Let's put it right out there, shall we? There are LOTS of "social media strategists" online these days - and at least half of them aren't worth their weight in retweets.Anyone with a working knowledge of Facebook, a bit of blogging experience and...

Posted August 17, 2013