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Google, Nest and the Opportunity for Startups

In many ways the news that Google has bought smart home company Nest Labs shouldn’t be a surprise. It has been talking to the company for some time and apparently lots of Google employees had installed the company’s sensor-based thermostat in their...

Posted January 15, 2014    

The Rise of Citizen Journalism

Pretty much everyone now has the means to report what is going on in the world around them. Even the most basic phone has a camera, and it is simple to post images, video and text to social media sites at the click of a button. Consequently citizen...

Posted May 1, 2013    

Social Media Goes to War

Apache Helicopter at Camp Bastion (Photo credit: Defence Images) I’ve often wondered about how social media causes normally sane people to share really detailed, personal information with the whole world. Is it a desire for recognition, a belief...

Posted March 14, 2012    

A Lesson About Twitter & PR: A Duke Nukem Tweet Is Forever

You’d think that PR professionals would have realised that both (a) social media is now a key channel for talking to the press and wider audiences and (b) it is public and once in cyberspace will be there for a long, long time. But no, following...

Posted June 21, 2011    

Can Facebook's BranchOut Bridge the Business/Consumer Divide?

Image via CrunchBase When it comes to social media most people are schizophrenic – using specific tools for business and personal life. Generally this means your contacts on Facebook are different from those you interact with more formally on...

Posted January 21, 2011    

Spot the difference – social media and Soho phoneboxes

Image via Wikipedia Would you write down and leave your personal details in a public place where you knew they could easily be found? Excepting prostitutes putting their calling cards in phone boxes the answer for most of us would be a...

Posted January 18, 2011