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How Often Should I Post? The Answer May Surprise You

 I was recently working with an individual and we were going through his Facebook page talking about what could be done page engagement. Before the conversation even started I already knew what to expect as one of if not the first question.“How...

Posted March 10, 2014    

Are You Jelly? A Look at a New Q&A Social Network

Launched on January 7th of this year and created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Jelly is less a social network and more a question and answer platform that draws from your existing social connections. In a video from the Jelly blog, Biz describes...

Posted February 3, 2014    

Stop Looking Like a Bot, Improve Your Twitter Profile with These Tips

When I first started using Twitter I didn’t have to worry about bots and spammers attempting to follow me because the service although unreliable (remember the great fail whale outages of yesteryear?)  was relatively clean when it came to its...

Posted October 29, 2013    

What Is Quality Content?

Quality content starts with creating content your audience finds helpful or solves a problem for them.Content marketing is quickly becoming the buzz word of the year and for good reason. It allows for brands to establish themselves as experts in...

Posted October 1, 2013    

10 Awesome Tools You Can Use in Your Social Media Efforts

The realm of social media marketing has an ever-expanding arsenal of tools at its disposal. It seems that every day a new tool, app or website is released to help social media marketers perform their absolute best work possible. The range of tools,...

Posted September 12, 2013    

5 Metrics You Should Be Tracking on Twitter, But Probably Aren’t

Twitter is a fantastic medium for delivering your message and engaging in real time communication with your audience. Too often though we see many brands getting tied up in the faulty notion that the more followers they have the better they are...

Posted August 27, 2013