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The Evolving Role of Social Media in Healthcare

Healthcare is a breeding ground for disruption. Countless processes from patient relations to management of health records can be augmented. Surgeons wearing Google Glass, patients with NFC embedded identification bands, and nurses equipped with...

Posted December 7, 2013    

Social eCommerce and the Customer Network

Last year, consumers and brands alike witnessed the global e-commerce market surpass $1 trillion. In that same year, revenue generated by social networks had reached over $16.9 billion. By 2015, total revenue from social commerce sales is...

Posted November 8, 2013    

Why a CMS is Crucial for a Social Business

Weighing the value of content creation and management versus social media marketing is a bit like asking whether the chicken came before the egg.Prior to the advent of social media in the early 2000s, businesses were obsessed with SEO and SEM for...

Posted November 1, 2013    

How Smaller Brands Can Level the Playing Field with Social eCommerce

It’s hard to believe that close to 20 years ago, Amazon.com was an emerging startup with high hopes of selling books online. Yet fast forward to present day and the company is building $600 million cloud implementations for the Department of Defense...

Posted October 16, 2013    

Get Your eCommerce Site Into the Social Media Age

So you’ve just invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on your new e-commerce site. Sales are great, conversions are rising, and your calls to action are performing as anticipated. As an emerging brand competing against global rivals, you’...

Posted October 11, 2013    

Twitter Is a Potential Contender for eCommerce Dominance

Twitter may seem like just another place to discover news and celebrity gossip, but its potential use in eCommerce has been downplayed until recently. What if you could buy the newest pair of Nike's as soon as you find out about them through a Tweet...

Posted October 5, 2013    

Hotels and Resorts: Isolated Experiences in Need of Social Awakening

The phrase "check-in" was once only applicable to the hospitality industry. Yet, today, social networking has fundamentally altered our understanding of the phrase. Look no further than Foursquare, the location-based service, which borrowed the term...

Posted September 5, 2013    

Why Amazon Is the Most Social, Least Social-Friendly Commerce Platform

Amazon has had the uncanny ability to predict tech trends for almost 20 years. It's one of the biggest reasons that Wall Street has loved the company year after year despite relatively meager profits compared to other tech giants like Apple, Google...

Posted September 4, 2013