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Developing a Winning Social Media Optimization Strategy

Social Media Optimization, the SEO of social media, involves implementing changes both on-site and in social accounts to make content more visible, liked, shared and linked to via social networks. It's no doubt that creating content that can easily...

Posted April 2, 2014    

10 Must-Know Tips to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest offers perhaps the most unique benefits among all social media platforms. And if your businesses’ content marketing strategy has not factored Pinterest in the mix you are missing out on a huge chunk of traffic from a site that sends more...

Posted February 25, 2014    

Six Steps to Creating Shareable Content

Thanks to recent, groundbreaking research, we now know that getting something to go viral takes much more than mere luck. There are ten traits that companies can bake into their marketing content to leverage the psychology of sharing[i]. Here they...

Posted February 11, 2014    

5 Ways to Eliminate Wasted Time from Your Online Business in 2014

One of the biggest difficulties to overcome when you’re working on your own online business is staying focused and avoiding wasted time.  It is all too tempting, for example, to spend a few minutes chatting on Facebook after you share your...

Posted February 4, 2014    

5 Marketing Behaviors to Avoid in 2014

Whether you are an affiliate trying to sell Amazon products, or you make your own informational products, or you have a content site monetized with Adsense, in the end you are a marketer.  You need to market your products, your website and even...

Posted January 24, 2014    

Is SEO Dead in 2014?

For some people, SEO implies manipulating websites in an attempt to get a low quality site to rank well with the search engines.  If that is the definition being used, than most people will agree that it is dying a slow (and far too prolonged)...

Posted December 30, 2013    

Content Marketing Trends for 2014

Content Marketing Trends for 2014Content marketing has been one of the most important tools used by website owners and companies for online marketing over the past several years.  In 2014, it will become even more important than ever, with many...

Posted December 20, 2013    

Need Social Leads? Try Twitter Cards

Many people start marketing on social media, but find it can be difficult to generate scalable leads.  One of the biggest challenges is that you typically need to drive people off the site they’re on and direct them to one of your landing pages...

Posted December 5, 2013    

How to Run a Contest on Facebook Without Fear of Your Business Page Getting Shut Down

Running a contest on Facebook is one of the best ways to get and keep fans. Let’s face it – many people are fans based on what they can get out of it… and there is nothing wrong with that. What would be wrong is not responding to what your customers...

Posted November 24, 2013    

Keep Your Cool: How to Avoid Twitter Chaos

It’d be great if there were hard and fast rules for every business about the exact right style and content for Twitter. Now, of course, there are certainly some valuable general guidelines. But the needs of your audience and what they like to click-...

Posted January 29, 2013    

Why You Should Leave Filmmaking to Steven Spielberg

Why aren’t you using video? Or, if you do have one or two videos posted to your website and YouTube, why aren’t you doing more? You know its valuable, particularly since that one search engine that begins with ‘G’ really loves video (and just...

Posted January 2, 2013    

B2B Video Viewership is on the Rise. So What Should You Do About It? [Infographic]

This wonderful infographic was provided by Dan Clark @InterplayAgentYou can also connect with Dan on Facebook

Posted November 30, 2012    

What President Obama Can Teach You About Social Media

Is anybody else glad when big political campaigns finally come to a close and we can hear about something else for awhile? Even the most diehard political junkie must get tired of the ads, endless ‘talking head’ debates, and oceans of ink spilled...

Posted November 26, 2012    

Facebook: The Ultimate Short Guide for Business

When you get right down to it, a lot of the chatter surrounding using Facebook for business makes it seem more complicated than it really is. It is really somewhat simple: drive engagement, stay ‘Liked’ and get to the top of the stream. Follow these...

Posted October 31, 2012    

Pin to Win: The Ultimate Short Guide to Pinterest for Business

Ready to ramp up your efforts on Pinterest? Here are the no-fail guidelines to become a real “pinner.”Rule 1: Keep your boards in order. A common mistake is to dump all your content onto one board. Instead, use different boards to break down content...

Posted October 22, 2012    

Does Your Business Have Good Screen Presence?

You have probably heard the expression “screen presence” to refer to a particularly gifted actor or actress. It refers to a seemingly intangible set of attributes that add up to a total package that commands and compels attention on the big screen....

Posted September 26, 2012    

How You Can Climb the Social Media Ladder....Fast

Let’s say you’ve done all the fundamentals to integrate social media into your business and marketing. You have a Facebook page and have worked diligently to grow your fan base. You tweet consistently and work to engage your followers. Perhaps you...

Posted September 10, 2012    

Are Athletes Social Media Idiots?

Should college athletes suffer a penalty if they make a reference to illegal drug use on Facebook?When does an athlete’s tweet cross the line from confident and playful trash-talk to unsportsmanlike conduct?How much should colleges – which, after...

Posted August 30, 2012    

Getting Big Picture Profits by Solving the Social Media Puzzle

Do you ever sit back and dream big for your business? And set aside time to think about how your business is handling new technology and tools in ways that will create real separation between you and your competition?If you’re not, your business is...

Posted August 24, 2012    

Secrets to Leveraging the New Facebook for WordPress Plugin

All of us want to go social and reach the right people to promote our business, right? Here’s the master key to turning your WordPress website into a social platform; well more or less. It all depends on how social you want to be. The Facebook...

Posted July 28, 2012