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The Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here we have an infographic from a United Kingdom based ISP called Eclipse, all about the growth of cloud computing. The 1st section of the infographic is about the growth of cloud computing, from its initial inception in 2008, to the...

Posted April 17, 2014    

State of Social Media 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

I have created an awesome infographic about the biggest, most important social media moments in 2013. The infographic is called The State of Social Media 2013 and provides information about the top social media news stories, month by month, from...

Posted December 27, 2013    

Evolution of Logo Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here is another great infographic from my good friends at Glow New Media based in Liverpool called The Evolution of Logo Design: How famous brand identities have developed. The infographic shows how some of the World's most iconic logos began and...

Posted November 24, 2013    

What Animals Tell Us About Online Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]

The animal world is full of weird and wonderful examples of mating (dating) behaviour. Many have interesting scientific explanations and many of the behaviours give us a tantalising insight into why humans behave the way we do, so the people at UK...

Posted November 18, 2013    

The Modern Travel Blogger [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at the Sandymount Hotel based in Dublin seem to know a great deal about social media marketing, their blog is packed with really cool and interesting articles and they have just published a superb infographic called An Infographic Profile...

Posted October 4, 2013    

15 Inspiring Design Quotes [INFOGRAPHIC]

The people at Glow New Media in Liverpool, England know that from time to time we all need a little bit of inspiration so they have put together a nifty infographic called fifteen inspiring design quotes that features awesome design quotes from the...

Posted September 23, 2013