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Stupidity, not social media, to blame for celebrity downfalls

In an era in which social media is an increasingly common part of everyone’s lives, it staggers me that public figures remain mystified when the medium is used against them. Take the case of disgraced Australian sports star Joel Monaghan, the...

Posted December 6, 2010    

Gun Toting Kids Can Really Wreck Your Online Reputation

The advent of social media is causing some serious, and sometimes funny, image problems for public figures from all walks of life. Take the case of British MI6 boss John Sawers, who was left red-faced when his 23-year-old daughter, Corinne,...

Posted December 5, 2010    

Social media policies ... minimizing risk, empowering staff

With the explosion of social media usage worldwide, many companies and governments are struggling to keep up. The medium has been evolving and progressing at such a breakneck pace that many companies are overlooking the basics in a mad dash to...

Posted November 21, 2010