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How Do We Know It's You? Brand Identity Online

A white, lowercase "f" in a blue square (hexidecimal color #4c66a4) is the logo for Facebook. Connected, white, rounded letters "CNN" surrounded by a red gradiant that runs from hexidecimal shade #920000 to hexidecimal shade #D60000 is the logo for...

Posted March 31, 2014    

5 Reasons to Use Whatever You Want to Build a Website

Aspiring web site owners of the world, please allow me to release you from your fears!When you start looking at your options for building your first web site, you'll soon find yourself inundated with ads from Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Drupal,...

Posted March 17, 2014    

Online Automation Done Wrong

We are all on the receiving end of online automation every day. Every time you receive an email about a sale, an online petition, a newsletter, or an upcoming concert, that's been automated. After all, no one at your favorite local golf course is...

Posted March 3, 2014    

Why I Don't Do SEO, and Neither Should You

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the scariest phrases I hear from my clients. It sends me reeling into the darkest recesses of my knowledge of web site development, digging for just the right way to ask them that fuzziest of all questions...

Posted February 18, 2014    

Words Matter, Like, Kind of a Lot

Why is that a terrible title? Obviously, it's totally unprofessional. We all know not to swear in a job interview ("my last boss was a ?$@*!"), respond with slang to our grandparents' jokes ("LOL, Nana!"), or use business-related terms in describing...

Posted February 11, 2014    

How to Target the Lazy Web User (and We Are All Lazy)

We are all pretty well-trained web users. Believe it or not, you have a clear idea of where most things are on a web site. Like a mouse in a maze, you can find your way to the login button, the copyright statement, the main menu of the site, and...

Posted November 12, 2013