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Social Media Sharing: New 2013 Q4 Data Reveals Americans' Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re anything like me, you probably find a glimpse into how people use social media completely fascinating. From the political tendencies of Twitter to the Pinterest habits of Midwestern women, social media data is a treasure trove of minutia...

Posted January 31, 2014    

Online Ratings and Reviews: Why Negativity Isn't As Bad As You Think

Remember the first time your company received a negative online review? Kind of stung a little bit, didn’t it? Especially if it wasn’t in any way justified. If you haven’t received your first bad internet review, I hate to tell you… but it’s coming...

Posted January 14, 2014    

The Transparency Sweet Spot: How Much Should Your Company Share?

In today’s consumer-powered marketplace, transparency isn’t just a “best practice.” It’s essential if you want to stay in business. On the tails of Consumer Confidence and Authenticity, Transparency is the third Law of the Recommendation Age.If...

Posted December 20, 2013