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How to Use AIDA Principles to Revitalize Your Content

Go ahead and ask anyone in marketing as to what’s that one classic rule in writing copy or creating advertisements is, and they’ll always go back to A.I.D.A which stands for:A→AttentionI→InterestD→DesireA→ActionThe best part of the principle is that...

Posted March 20, 2014    

Why Engagement Rate is More Important than Likes on Your Facebook

An amateur Facebook marketer or a company that is new to social media marketing on Facebook is probably just happy if their business page gets a lot of likes. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made on Facebook. The biggest social media...

Posted March 15, 2014    

Advanced Techniques for Your Content Marketing in 2014

According to a latest study by the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is going to be bigger than ever this year. Businesses are keener to develop original, relevant and interesting content to attract people to their brands rather than...

Posted January 18, 2014    

The Best Social Media Channels to Learn the Latest in the World

It is no exaggeration when people say that social media has changed the way we consume content and the world of media. Nowadays, social media platforms are not just a place to connect with old friends and to follow celebrities but also a medium for...

Posted December 19, 2013