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Mobile Apps for Chronic Cancer Patients

Which apps can be used by chronic cancer patients to help them with their illness and overall health?There are literally thousands of medical apps in the marketplace and it is very difficult to sift through them and find out which ones are easy to...

Posted February 18, 2014    

How Chronic Cancer Patients Use Social Media to Stay Informed

New research and treatment has made many cancers that were previously terminal now chronic. Patients live with the condition and daily go about their lives. But often, they do have to manage their cancer and often they worry about reoccurrence, side...

Posted February 10, 2014    

The Big Brand Theory: Cleveland Clinic Employs News-You-Can-Use to Begin Social Relationships

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit multi-specialty academic medical center with 1400 beds on the main campus and 4450 beds system wide. It is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the United States.Amanda Todorovich is the new Social...

Posted June 10, 2013    

The Big Brand Theory: How Johns Hopkins Hospital Became Approachable on Social Media

Stacy Poliseo is the social media voice for Hopkins Medicine. With a background in marketing and advertising, this is Stacy’s first foray into the healthcare field and I asked her how she found healthcare social media marketing different from other...

Posted June 3, 2013    

The Big Brand Theory: How the Mayo Clinic Became the Gold Standard for Social Media in Healthcare

 The Mayo Clinic is the gold standard for the use of social media by healthcare organizations. The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media [MCCSM]--yes, they have a whole center dedicated to social media--facilitates the use of social media...

Posted May 20, 2013    

Twitter and Vine Used to Broadcast Live Surgery [VIDEO]

Very recently in the UK, Spire Bushey Hospital in Watford used Twitter and Vine to tweet and video live surgery in the OR for educational purposes. Aresh Hashemi-Nejad, an orthopaedic surgeon at Spire Bushey, performed a Periacetabular Osteotomy (...

Posted May 15, 2013    

Collaboration Through Networking: SocialQI

  Brian McGowanEditor's Note: This post was first published on HealthWorks Collective on June 1st, 2012A new book, SocialQI, provides a roadmap for patients, physicians, and biomedical scientists to turn social networks into communities of...

Posted June 2, 2012    

Breast Cancer Awareness and Social Media

 Over the course of a lifetime, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  While breast cancer also affects men, women are 100 times more likely to get the disease.  Many factors affect the risk of being diagnosed with...

Posted October 19, 2011