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Why Social Media Writers Are in Demand

Nearly three-quarters of all internet users use social media and it is the content produced by social media writers that influences them. Unlike copy writers, social media writers are a highly specialized and creative lot. They’re both in...

Posted February 5, 2014    

Are You the King of Linkedin?

If you think you are, then you have a problem. Why? Because social media is all about having a voice.  People tend to view social media platforms as free societies, a paradigm that renders strong arm business tactics helpless. Want to fail...

Posted September 4, 2011    

How Does LinkedIn Grow Your Business?

Social media marketing, part of digital marketing, is a great way to build relationships and grow your business. It’s no surprise Linkedin recently ranked as the second most popular social media platform in the world. If you’re not making the...

Posted August 21, 2011    

Bye-Bye Bottom Feeders: Google Says You Lack Quality

Sorry bottom feeders, but Google says your time has come. An intense, new algorithmic adjustment arrived the other day and it doesn’t tolerate your kind.  Projected to influence almost 10.5 billion search results every month, this...

Posted February 26, 2011    

Is Facebook Losing Its Marketing Mojo?

Facebook’s recent pages upgrade has left a lot of small business owners reeling. For those businesses who rely solely on Facebook instead of their own brand, the fallout from FB’s upgrade has just begun and it’s looking uglier with each...

Posted February 19, 2011