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CES 2014: Eureka Moment

CES takes up the North, South and Central Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center and trying to see everything there is a near impossibility -- but that doesn't stop anyone. However, this year I discovered the Eureka zone deep in the Venetian Hotel...

Posted January 10, 2014    

CES Day 2: 150,000 Reasons to Make Your Marketing Social

Call it my Sophmore slump (this being the second year that I've attended CES), but I am not finding all that much to get excited about. And yet... International CES remains a place anyone seriously interested in marketing has to put in an appearance...

Posted January 10, 2014    

CES Day 2: The Goldilocks Question

One of the surprising things about CES is how many massage chairs are on display -- I'm talking several Brookstones' worth -- from a variety of companies and the chairs retail for around $7000.  It's not exactly how we think of tech, but they...

Posted January 10, 2014    

CES Day 1: Is Your Tennis Racket Charged?

Day One of International CES was overwhelming, exhausting, and occasionally inspiring. The Internet of things marches on invading all manner of devices. Don't we need to be connected wherever we go? What don't we need to know? What doesn't need to...

Posted January 9, 2014