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Beauty Brands and Social Media

The beauty industry is often overlooked when we think about the ways in which the internet has progressed, how social media has grown and how brands have adapted.For an industry that has been built on recommendation through word of mouth, it was...

Posted April 16, 2014    

How Brands Can Make the Most Out of Twitter's New Features

Twitter has been unusually quiet for the past few months. Little did we all know that the platform was about to unleash a frenzy of updates. It's like waiting ages for a bus, only for three to come at once.With the announcement of timeline changes,...

Posted April 10, 2014    

Vircomm Summit 2014: Gamification for Brands

One of the most common buzzwords from the Vircomm Summit 2014 was gamification. Dr. Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies, briefly touched on this on the first day of the conference, as part of his ‘Social Science of Acquisition’ talk...

Posted March 13, 2014    

Travel Brands on Social Media: Analysis of Three Favorites

January has been called the most depressing month of the year. ‘Blue Monday,’ the third Monday of the year where your woes feel larger than life, has just passed. Your bank balance is running on empty, you’re still adjusting to the office after two...

Posted January 29, 2014