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How Social Media is Transforming Health Care

Social media has quickly become one of the dominant forms of communication today. It seems like everybody is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other platform to connect with friends and family. People use social media for all sorts of...

Posted April 24, 2014    

Emerging Applications of Social Data for Business

Businesses are always looking for the next creative method to reach more customers. Finding ways to engage with and interest new consumers is how a business is able to grow and thrive. One tool being used increasingly in recent years is social media...

Posted April 15, 2014    

7 Companies Doing Social Media Right

Social media isn’t just about following your friends or posting pictures of your food anymore. Companies all over the world are using it to engage with customers more personally than ever before. Smart uses of social media not only increase brand...

Posted April 8, 2014    

Taking a Social Approach to Virtualization

Many companies are choosing to employ virtualization as part of their business strategy in order to work more efficiently and keep needed systems up and running at all times. Virtualization can be a great asset for businesses, but it can also be...

Posted April 3, 2014    

New to Social Media? Follow These Health and Beauty Experts for a Guide on Engagement

Whether you are using social media for personal reasons or jumping into it the first time for your business, knowing what is effective and what's not can be difficult. One incrediby valuable source for learning the type of content you should be...

Posted March 25, 2014    

The Beneficial Loop Between Social Media, Big Data and Sales

It goes without saying that social media plays a prominent role in the business world. Nearly every company, large or small, interacts with its consumers via Facebook or Twitter. However, the impact of social media on businesses expands far beyond...

Posted February 28, 2014    

3 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile marketing. It’s the next frontier for marketing, and businesses are naturally excited to jump into it. More than likely you’ve already participated in mobile marketing in some way or are busy coming up with ideas of how mobile will fit into...

Posted February 11, 2014    

Create Brand Evangelists from the Inside

Social media has become such a prevalent part of our lives that it’s easy to forget that it is still a fairly new medium for businesses. However, since social media is so new, businesses should be constantly evaluating their approach to social media...

Posted January 26, 2014    

Streamlining the Customer Experience with Social Media and Mobile Tech

It’s fairly obvious that online interaction is one of the major aspects of the customer experience today. If we ever came across a company that didn’t have a website, we’d not only be surprised but also pretty annoyed and take our business elsewhere...

Posted January 1, 2014    

5 Ways Big Data Can Help Marketers Increase Retail Sales

Retailers have always had the advantage when it comes to collecting consumer data - from what customers frequently buy to shipping addresses and data collected through customer reward programs. As retailers added on e-commerce, they gained even more...

Posted December 20, 2013