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5 Mad Men Quotes That Perfectly Apply to Social Media Today

Mad Men returns this month, and Season 7 will likely feature the frequent sexist comments and work-day binge drinking that define the show. Yet despite how retro Don, Peggy, and the rest of the characters seem in their behavior, the insight they...

Posted April 12, 2014    

Things From The ’90s That Social Media Replaced

Teens today don’t have it as tough as we did: Answering machines sometimes didn’t record your message. You had to settle for a celebrity’s autograph because you forgot your camera. Times were hard; yet we still found ways to communicate.While  ...

Posted March 6, 2014    

Top 10 Social Media Predictions for 2014 (Based on 2013 Moments)

2013 social media followed a lot of buzz-worthy events – the world got a new pope, a new royal baby, and a new controversial pop star to talk about incessantly. (I think I’ve said “Miley Cyrus” more than my own name lately.)But how we used...

Posted December 4, 2013