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8 Things to Do if Your Organic Traffic Drops Suddenly

We've all been there. Suddenly, without warning, and without an obvious reason, your organic traffic drops. What should you do?1) Don't panicIf you notice that organic traffic dropped 25% from January to March (or whatever), don't panic. Don't start...

Posted March 11, 2014    

Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks

The more than 100 million people that watched the Super Bowl saw a STUNNER. Some people picked the Seahawks, but no one expected the Seahawks to utterly dominate the Broncos. No one expected the Broncos to get manhandled like they did. No one...

Posted February 4, 2014    

Are You Engaged in Revenue Producing Activities?

Sales professionals hear, almost constantly, 'You should ONLY be involved in revenue producing activities.' In other words, any activity that doesn't result directly in revenue is an activity in which a sales professional should not be involved.(If...

Posted January 8, 2014