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9 Ways To Create Time, Space, and Stillness For Meaningful Work

I am fascinated by people who do meaningful work. People who create, share and nurture ideas that move us toward a better future. They somehow operate differently, and I am curious to find out how.Late last year, I decided to start set up interviews...

Posted December 29, 2013    

Simple Ways To Tell Your Brand Story On Facebook

Maybe you already post on Facebook three times a week. Maybe you already boost posts to promote your content. But are you missing out on a simple way to share your brand story using the visual web, on the most popular social media network in...

Posted July 18, 2013    

ViDEO: Are You Ready For a Post-Social World?

I’m not much for status quo. I imagine you aren’t either. Lucky for us, we’re in an industry of constant and unexpected change. I had an opportunity to share some observations about where digital communications are headed, at a recent Social Media...

Posted August 30, 2012    

Is Facebook Worth the Effort Anymore?

  I’m finding it harder and harder to recommend Facebook as an integral part of the marketing mix for my clients. Yes, they’re almost at a billion users. Yes, they have ridiculous amount of traffic. Yes, they have one of most powerful ad...

Posted June 13, 2012    

Your Brand. In 3 Tweets.

Did you know you can either earn or lose a customer for life in just three tweets? We make snap decisions all the time. Our brain, in an effort to speed things up and reduce workload, automatically creates certain shortcuts. These come in all sorts...

Posted February 16, 2012    

What Is Content Marketing?

2012 seems to be the year of Content Marketing. It’s everywhere. When you have global organizations such as Coca Cola committing their strategic and marketing resources to content marketing, it’s a significant enough shift to warrant...

Posted January 30, 2012    

Social Media Paradox: Fans or Brand First?

What came first… Chicken or the egg? It’s a fun little causality dilemma, stemming from the time of Aristotle, that’s supposed to get you thinking. Let’s take that idea and bring it into the modern digital communications realm. As a brand...

Posted January 7, 2012    

The Human Factor and Social Media

Do you get surprised or even excited when you phone a company and a REAL person answers the phone? It seems ridiculous that we’ve come to this point of total disconnection, while our basic human need is to connect and relate to each other....

Posted October 10, 2011    

2 Social Media Management Models

The following article is based on conversations I’ve had with companies, non-profits, clients and some of my own theories. The question is: What is the best way to approach social media marketing from a corporate resource management...

Posted May 4, 2011