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Facebook Acquires WhatsApp: Buy the Competition or Diversify?

So this week saw the quite surprising news that Facebook is set to acquire messaging service WhatsApp for a reported $19 billion, not much then! But for me it does pose the question in the social media and mobile landscape of whether Facebook’s...

Posted February 23, 2014    

Top Ten Website Metrics You Need to Know

Websites are incredible. They provide us with loads of useful and great information with hours of entertainment. However, nowadays there’s added pressure to keep them updated and performing effectively. A way to improve a website and monitor how it’...

Posted February 16, 2014    

The Basic Elements of Mobile Marketing

We’ve all heard of the traditional marketing mix, but there hasn’t been much work done on a mobile version. So this blog is going to provide a nice summary of the elements that make up the mobile marketing landscape, creatively called the ‘Mobile...

Posted December 19, 2013    

Google Plus or Google Minus: Some Pros and Cons of the Website

Google recently celebrated its 15th Birthday (many happy returns), so I thought I’d do a bit of analysis and critique on one of their newest products, Google+.  Introduced in July 2011, Google+ was going to be Google’s answer to social...

Posted December 17, 2013