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Microsoft + Facebook Taking the Search Engine to a Whole New Level

Search algorithms have used machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict which of the billions of pages on the Internet might be most relevant to your search.Google has spent so much time, money and effort trying to make their search...

Posted May 15, 2012    

Google Analytics Not Showing Keywords Used in Organic Search. Why not?

Google analytics is, for many businesses now a days, an important tool to measure not just the traffic to your website, but how efficient is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMO (Social Media Optimization) implemented in your website and...

Posted April 30, 2012    

Facebook adds "Listen" button to band and artist fan pages.

On the 17th April 2012, Facebook added a “Listen” button to its artist and band pages that gives fans an easy way to listen to their favourite songs directly on Facebook itself. From writing this, fans can listen to songs from...

Posted April 20, 2012    

Sir Richard Branson invests in new social network, Path!

'Path' is a new social network to rival others like Facebook, but with a little twist, it is a mobile-centric social network. This means that members can only access their accounts via the use of their mobile device which can be downloaded by the...

Posted April 19, 2012    

Are We Missing the Big Picture of ROI in B2B Social Media?

Most B2B companies either think that social media is not worth investing in or they just can’t see the ROI of social media. The answer you will get most of the time is, "My clients are businesses and they are not on social media." Are we missing...

Posted October 27, 2011    

Google+ May Be the Biggest Online Conversation in the History of the Internet

What is Google + and what are the main differences with Facebook and twitter is what most people are wondering right now. Should I be part of it? I can’t waste my time on Facebook, Twitter and now in Google+.  This is what most people are...

Posted July 14, 2011