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Social Listening: Consumers Don't Like It and What Your Brand Should Do About It

It’s common for companies to listen to conversations on social media. This way, they can understand consumer opinion about brands, products, and services.The problem is consumers don’t like it.A 2012 study by JD Power and NetBase shows that 40% of...

Posted January 27, 2014    

6 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Healthcare Organizations

TweetHave you considered using Pinterest for your healthcare practice? Perhaps you don’t think you have anything interesting to offer on such a visual platform. Wrong!Many healthcare organizations such as yours are already using Pinterest with...

Posted August 22, 2012    

What Olympian Stories Teach Us About Content Marketing

If you’ve been watching the Olympic Games closely, then you’ve heard some pretty compelling stories about athletes who’ve overcome huge obstacles and heartbreaking losses to achieve triumph.My favorite Olympian story is about Guor Marial who...

Posted August 9, 2012    

How to Use YouTube for Healthcare Content Marketing

TweetIn the last seven years, YouTube has become the most compelling social site for video sharing. According to Katrina Radic with Branding Magazine:“YouTube claimed 60 hours of uploads per minute and 4 billion views per day. That’s up 25 percent...

Posted April 25, 2012    

10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

This Friday’s infographic compares business blogging with Facebook and builds a case as to why blogging is the better marketing strategy. Now I’m a HUGE Facebook fan myself (especially with the new Timeline!) but if you’re not blogging, you’re...

Posted March 25, 2012