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Instagram for Small Businesses: Your New Best Friend

Instagram is possibly the new lifeblood of social media platforms for small businesses.  Is that overdramatic? I thought so, but it’s true in a sense.  Businesses are seeing a drastic decrease in organic reach to their followers on...

Posted April 15, 2014    

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Make a Big Impact on Social Media

I’m going to pull the rug out from under you right quick: There is no magic hat trick for making your small business successful on social media.  Does that make you nervous? It shouldn’t.  Recent studies show that an increasing number of...

Posted April 15, 2014    

Marketing on Social Media: Tweeting in 2014

It can be the thing of nightmares for anyone managing a social media account: your Twitter activity has screeched to a halt.  After a few minutes of panic, you have come to realize that it’s all your fault. If you are anything like me, you may...

Posted January 8, 2014