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Agent Facebook and Detective Twitter: Preventing and Solving Crimes through Social Media

The primary function of social media is, of course, to socialize. For years, people have been sharing pictures of their kids and vacations, discussing dinner plans, and voicing their opinions. Social media has far exceeded its original design,...

Posted April 17, 2014    

Epic Link Building: Does Getty Deserve a Guinness?

Back in March, Getty Images revealed its generosity to users by making more than 35 million images free and legal to use. This bold effort to combat image piracy resulted in a flood of blogs, tweets and social media posts attempting to delve deep...

Posted April 6, 2014    

The Internet Marketing Pyramid: Why Every Business Needs a Healthy Diet of all 5 Internet Marketing Groups

It’s been drilled into your head since childhood: “Eat your vegetables!” During school you’re told, “Make sure to include all five food groups in your diet.” Then, it becomes a matter of memorizing all five food groups and their respective...

Posted March 23, 2014    

Are SEO's Destroying SEO?

You’ve heard it over and over again: “SEO is dying!” From bloggers and journalists to marketers and web designers, people have been saying for years:"SEO will never last.""It’s all spam.""It’s just a phase."If you’re in the business, you’ve heard it...

Posted March 12, 2014    

Getty Images Gives Free Access to 35 Million of Their Stock Images

Global leader in stock imagery Getty Images recently announced that 35 million photos will now be available for free. In the past, visiting Getty’s website for an image promised to cost the user upwards of $75 for a small image. For growing...

Posted March 11, 2014    

Liiiiinks, Liiiiinks: Attack of the SEO Zombies!

In the world of SEO, you will find two species battling it out for web supremacy. Meet White Hat Willy and Black Hat Bloodsucking Billy. White Hat Willy makes an honest living optimizing web pages, developing original, useful content, and pursuing...

Posted March 6, 2014    

Stop Littering Online! How Webspam Affects User Experience

I would like you to take a quick stroll with me down main street America. On our walk we pass dozens of family stores, small shops, established restaurants, and healthy businesses. We go in and out of shops, enjoying a nice afternoon. Near the end...

Posted February 4, 2014    

Don’t Believe the Hype! How Long Should It Actually Take to Get Results From SEO?

Every day, businesses are tempted to work with SEOs who promise immediate results. These “expert” SEOs may claim that they can cause rankings to skyrocket this week, or that they can instantly attract dozens of links. Unfortunately, instantaneous...

Posted January 17, 2014    

Five Benefits of Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Your Career

If you are like most digitally minded people, you are probably aware that LinkedIn is the social network of choice for working professionals looking to make connections. Many tech-savvy business professionals, possibly even a majority of the...

Posted January 8, 2014