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How to Humanize Your Emails to Make a Real Impact

Why Email SucksEmail is boring, time consuming and heavily distracting. I would say 10% of the emails I receive are relevant (i.e. clients, staff, prospects, etc.). The rest are social media notifications, promotions or junk emails. Moving to Google...

Posted March 24, 2014    

How to Create a Community and NOT a Workplace

There are 2 critical problems that plague just about every company: Keeping everybody on the same page and creating a sense of community within the company. Let’s discuss how to overcome this…Stop focusing on day-to-dayMost companies focus on the...

Posted February 24, 2014    

Blogging is Dead: Why You Should Care

The idea of blogging is excellent. Share valuable and relevant information that people will find valuable. As a result, build a strong loyal following. Sounds great right?The problem with blogging on its ownOne fundamental problem, as I see it, is...

Posted February 18, 2014    

4 Ways to Use the Holidays to Your Advantage

 If you’re looking forward to enjoying some turkey, football and family time in the upcoming days, that’s great. We are too. But, don’t use relaxation as a way to avoid a potential marketing advantage. That’s right, holidays can work for you,...

Posted November 27, 2013    

The Greater Potential of Social Communities

Want to make a difference? Not quite sure where to start? Want to take a simple idea and make it a global movement? It all starts with social networks.Today, more than ever, people are able to connect across the globe, sharing messages, and starting...

Posted May 31, 2013    

How to Develop Your Social Media Strategy from the Inside Out [VIDEO]

Just the thought of developing your online marketing strategy can give you a headache. There are so many tools, tactics and strategies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start or even how to improve what you are already doing. I...

Posted March 31, 2013    

ViDEO: Great Keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk to Help You Recharge Social Media Marketing Strategy

Below is an excellent video I found on You Tube from Gary Vaynerchuk. He gives an excellent viewpoint on how to position your social media marketing strategy moving forward in our businesses. There is a lot that you can take away to implement in...

Posted January 2, 2013    

ViDEO: Thought Process Behind What Makes Your Online Content Go Viral

Below is an excellent video from Jonah Berger, Associate Professor at the Wharton School of Business that we found on You Tube. He talks about a study that was conducted with the New York Times to find out what makes certain bits of content shared...

Posted December 31, 2012    

The 5 "R's" of Monetizing Your Expertise

So, you have an area of expertise and content that supports it…something people would be interested in paying for? Somewhere along the line you may have thought about ways to turn this into a revenue model. With current pay-for-access platforms,...

Posted December 6, 2012    

Create a Video Blog and Break Through the Clutter of Social Media

The problem I find most organizations facing communicating online today is making an impact in an ever growing world of clutter in social media. According to pr-online.com, the average person receives 147 emails per day. Think of all of the time...

Posted December 6, 2012    

How to Overcome the Overwhelming Nature of Social Media Marketing

Do you feel a bit of overwhelmed right now when it comes to the "things you should be doing in social media" to help reach your business goals? You hear "post here", "tweet this", "share this", "you gotta be using...website", etc. If your like...

Posted May 10, 2011