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Hashtag and At-Call: Soon to Be Things of Twitter Past?

Are you a great fan of Twitter? What do you think is the most ‘arcane’ thing about it? Well, even if you think Twitter is almost flawless, be ready to experience some change.Going by the words of Vivian Schiller, the Head of News at this online...

Posted March 24, 2014    

LinkedIn’s New Feature to Increase Brand Eminence

Wouldn’t it be great if by simply adding a photo to your business LinkedIn profile, your profile would be 10 times more likely to be viewed and attract potential opportunities? Well, there’s a good new for all of you. Today, LinkedIn revamped its ‘...

Posted February 27, 2014    

Facebook Paper: Another Move Forward by the Social Media Monolith

Social media has been one of the most outstanding things since the middle of the past decade if one is speaking about the online world. It has changed almost every aspect of life, both online as well as offline. It has been one of the most talked...

Posted January 31, 2014    

Anticipated Social Media Trends for 2014

Social media – a term that was not even known to a lot of people even a decade back has become the talk of the online community. From personal necessities to businesses, it is almost everywhere, and bringing in benefits for all and sundry.Over the...

Posted January 21, 2014