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5 Signs You've Lost Touch With Your Social Communities

What’s up with our social? Whether someone is asking you that question, or you’re asking yourself, here are a couple things to consider before you start making excuses or assumptions about why your community is to blame and not you.1. You’re content...

Posted February 25, 2014    

Reputation Management 101: Claim Existing Properties

Unclaimed ratings and review site properties are a lot like high school gossip. There's talk about you behind your back. Some of it could be complimentary and positive, based on facts or first hand experiences. But the majority? Let's be honest here...

Posted January 31, 2014    

Facebook Changes: A Reality Check for Content Creators

Conversations ensue, opinions are shared about the implications, and we all go back to work. The most recent changes by Facebook will make for a very interesting 2014. With the New Year on the horizon, here’s a recap of what Zuckerberg has changed...

Posted December 27, 2013