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How Do Google and Facebook Measure Your Content's Quality?

 Find out how your content compares, plus three quick changes you can make right now. Quality is a popular content marketing buzzword at the moment and quality content can be loosely defined as content that online users find valuable. ...

Posted April 11, 2014    

Web Tools to Guard Against Plagiarized Content

Ensuring plagiarism-free content should be a top priority for all content creators.Hosting plagiarized content on your website — whether you wrote it or not —  costs your brand sales, traffic and consumer trust, in addition to a search penalty...

Posted April 7, 2014    

Social Media: Why It's Best to Rock at One Channel, Not All

Here are examples of brands who chose the road less traveled, and succeeded. You’ll hear marketers shouting about multi-channel marketing every chance they get. Get on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ — all at the same time —...

Posted March 28, 2014    

Engage Your Facebook Followers With These 5 Word Games

These classic games can help breathe life into your Facebook page.You might spend your time pouring over content strategies to find ways to keep your audience engaged on social media. Hey, we don’t blame you — the reward can be quite high. But has...

Posted March 25, 2014    

Facebook, Twitter and More: Which Social Platform Affects Your SEO?

Social media activity is an increasingly important factor in search rankings.It’s no secret that the search engine optimization landscape has changed dramatically and the factors that influence high SEO rankings have changed as well. The...

Posted March 13, 2014    

Fictional Characters on Social Media: Should Your Brand Have One?

Using fictional characters in social media can liven up your marketing, but is this strategy right for you?As social media marketing evolves, some brands are beginning to take the idea of a company voice to the next level by featuring characters and...

Posted March 11, 2014    

Why Organizing Your Content Will Make Your Audience Stick Around: An Interview with Hana Abaza

Hana Abaza from Uberflip explains how to increase time-on-site through Hubs, the importance of a good headline and more.Hana Abaza knows how to make content convert. As the Director of Marketing at Uberflip, she spends a lot of time thinking about...

Posted March 6, 2014    

Millennials to Baby Boomers: Create Content for Your Audience's Generation

Writing with emotional authority means knowing where your audience comes from.If you want to reach your audience emotionally you need to understand what they value and where they come from. Different age groups have different emotional needs and...

Posted February 24, 2014    

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

There’s a strong link between comedy and content marketing — here’s how to tap into your funny side. There’s a reason why this year’s Golden Globe Awards received the highest ratings in 10 years — funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ran the...

Posted February 19, 2014    

How Brands Should Really Be Thinking About Content Distribution

Gregg Freishtat of Outbrain explains the best practices in content distribution, where readers are most likely to click on article pages and more.High-quality and engaging pieces of content are the heart and soul of your content strategy, but...

Posted January 23, 2014