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5 Questions with Ann Handley

You’ve read it, heard it, and some of you live it… Content is King! We’ve written about the importance of content and the marketing tactic called content marketing extensively.That said, no one knows content like Ann Handley. A couple of years ago,...

Posted December 1, 2013    

Go Ahead, Ignore Mobile Users for Email Marketing, We Dare You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile is everywhere. We’ve written about mobile extensively. We even built a product in response to the need for easy mobile marketing solutions. Yet, so many businesses and organizations continue to ignore mobile.Take a look at your email inbox....

Posted October 1, 2013    

Social Media and SEO: They Love Each Other

When I started working in social media (just a mere two years ago) I had no idea what SEO was – and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but alas it is now off my chest!My focus was on social, but today, SEO has become a regular part of my job. My focus has...

Posted July 10, 2013    

Social Media Marketing Won’t Work for You… Unless

Social Media Marketing is the answer to all of your marketing woes. Just add a little fan page here and a tweet there and watch the money roll in! Right? Not likely.We’ve been building websites and developing online marketing strategies ...

Posted October 5, 2012    

Going Mobile: Do You Use Utility Marketing to Connect with Clients?

What is Utility Marketing?Putting content and information in your marketing material that your target audience can utilize.It’s the opposite of interruption marketing where your goal is to get your offer in front of as many people as possible in the...

Posted September 16, 2012    

Content Marketing – Are You Solving Problems or Creating Noise?

One of the partners here, Jason Giuliano, has a mantra… “cleaning up the web.” His passion is helping clients to realize his vision of directed action by sending users to targeted content that achieves the clients marketing plan/message .Of...

Posted April 15, 2012