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Social Media Marketing: How to Avoid Being the Worst

Okay, my title was a little harsh – but I needed to get your attention and it worked because here you are! When I say “avoid being the worst” I mean, avoid being one of those social media types… you know, THOSE social media types. The ones you roll...

Posted April 4, 2014    

Famous Couples’ Social Presences

Is there anything more nauseating than celebrity PDA? Perhaps celebrity PDA on social media? Famous couples have taken to social media marketing platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share anecdotes, messages of support, and kissy-face selfies...

Posted April 3, 2014    

3 Tips for Creating Creative Titles

If you read last week’s post on inbound marketing tips – you would know that one of the challenges people face with blogging are good, strong and creative titles. You may think you have it down, but consider the thought process behind some of the...

Posted March 28, 2014    

Social Media Marketing: How to Take the Local Approach

We tend to keep tabs on the huge companies out there who are really killing it on social media. Campaigns like those put forth by the likes of Oreo or Ford stay on our radar because they set the trends. What you may not know is that social media...

Posted March 20, 2014    

Twitter #SochiProblems: A Social Media Marketing Tale

Nothing brings the social media marketing world together like a scandal.Gather ‘round children and allow us to tell you a story of an Olympic games currently in progress. Far away in Sochi, Russia, journalists arrived in droves to report, to analyze...

Posted February 13, 2014