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Break Your Social Media Addiction, Without Completely Cutting Ties

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with people from around the world, but it can also cause an individual to become too dependent so they’re actually battling an addiction that adversely impacts their lifestyle. If you’ve realized you’re...

Posted April 14, 2014    

The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

If you own a business or website, chances are you’re pretty busy.  Between all of the different tasks you have to perform throughout the day it can be hard to squeeze in everything, especially social media promotions.  However, using...

Posted March 5, 2014    

Why Posting Videos on Social Media is Such a Great Business Strategy

More and more companies are making their presence known on popular social media sites. While being active on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is a start, there is another useful strategy that can make a business's social media site...

Posted February 15, 2014    

8 Ways to Incorporate Valentine’s Day into Your Social Media Strategy

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. While you’re long past the days of giving everyone in your class a Power Rangers valentine and heart-shaped lollipop, smart businesses know that they should offer their customers something on Valentine’s Day. Why...

Posted February 1, 2014